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HISA Regional: Vice President, Higher Education

Your HISA Regional Vice President (Higher Education) is Andrew Bowie!

Andrew is a lifelong resident of Inverness, and recently completed his honours degree in History and Politics at Inverness College UHI.  He was the local president of HISA Inverness for 2018-19, and was elected to the Vice President of Higher Education role in March 2019.

Andrew is very passionate about working to improve the sense of community with UHI, and doing so by embracing the diversity of students at all of the partner institutions of the university.  He wants to improve representation for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the past, and wants to work with the university over the year ahead to safeguard the international student community here in the face of the dangers posed by Brexit.

In his spare time, Andrew is an avid fan of The Killers, going to gigs, calligraphy, and making people cringe at his amazing dad jokes.